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Underwater 360 Live Streaming with 360bubble

Posted by Jon Slayer on

Underwater 360 Live Streaming with 360bubble 

Great to see the ingenuity of 360bubble users! Last time around it was an ROV mounted 360bubble, this time it is a live streaming version of the housing. Check out @diverlaura on instagram to follow her exploits...  

@diverlaura's live streaming set up with a Ricoh Theta S in a 360bubble housing. Check out her instagram page for more.
We have been doing our own tests with live streaming and have trialed our rig in a coral tank at Zoological Society of London. Our stream is running through a 10 meter cable so next step after this successful test is to take it oceanside and get it down to depth amongst the marine life.  
Click to play this recording of the 360 live stream from the coral tank
This time round we will leave you with this great photo from @danboltphoto getting his 360bubble out for a dip in the ocean...

Until our next update...enjoy the underwater world!

Jon & Saiorse

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