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ROV mounted 360bubble!

Posted by Jon Slayer on

ROV mounted 360bubble 

This has to be the coolest use we have seen for 360bubble so far - some inventive 360 camera enthusiasts in Croatia ( created a mount for 360bubble to piggyback on a Blue Robotics ROV2.

Check out the process on Blue Robotics online forums. Look forward to the results from that blend of technology! 

Force Blue gathered around a commemorative plaque laid in memory of combat divers at the foot of the Mermaid Statue offshore of Sunset House on the west coast of Grand Cayman Island. Tiny Planet 360 photo captured with Ricoh Theta S in a 360bubble housing.
We hope that your explorations of the underwater world are as adventurous and enjoyable as ours. Most recently, as you can see from the photo above, 360bubble has seen some action with Force Blue... A US based organisation that aims to retrain Special Operations Combat Divers to assist in coral reef restoration, research and conservation work beneath the waves. Take a look at the tiny planet video below from their visit to Stingray City on Cayman Island. 
Click to play the tiny planet 360 video - Force Blue participants surrounded by Stingray in the Cayman Islands
Take a look at the trailer for Force Blue's upcoming documentary below. 
360bubble fun in the swimming pool...
Click on the video - Force Blue in the Cayman Islands

Until our next update...enjoy the underwater world!

Jon & Saiorse

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