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About us

When I got my hands on a Ricoh Theta S camera in early 2016 and took my first photosphere I knew we had to get it underwater...

In 1993 I first ended up scuba diving on a coral reef. Shortly after came the first opportunity to get a camera underwater and the subsequent journey has been an amazing one. Now, many years of diving adventures later, technology is bringing us the opportunity to capture the underwater world in Virtual Reality with stills and video. After viewing the results we captured with our prototype housing we knew we had to get it into other people's hands so that they could capture their own underwater little planets, 360 videos and photospheres to share with us.

While most underwater 360 rigs are really expensive the new wave of consumer 360 cameras like Ricoh Theta S, now followed by the Ricoh Theta V, GoPro Fusion, Garmin Virb and many others, combined with our 360bubble housing is an affordable option that any underwater enthusiast can invest in to share their subaqua exploits with the world.

Here is a little more about our crew bringing you the 360bubble...

Jon Slayer

Jon Slayer @ work

Commercial scuba diver who started out with his first scuba diving course in 1993. Since 2008 working as an underwater cameraman and film maker that has led to underwater filming credits on BBC, National Geographic and many other independant productions as well as numerous short films and productions of his own. Hatched the initial concept for the 360bubble...

Saiorse Berney

Design Technology expert whose suite of cutting edge technologies has brought the 360bubble from concept to reality.

Saiorse diving 360bubble...

Share Adventures With Us

We would really like you to share all of the amazing places that you visit underwater with the world online - please share your 360bubble adventures with us too! We would love to see what you get up to!



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