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Supporting Marine Conservation

Our Ocean Projects

Our founder, Jon Slayer, started diving in 1993 on the east coast of South Africa. The day after gaining his scuba certification he travelled with a scientific research team to study the coral reefs of Sodwana Bay. 26 years later he has dived around the world leading and participating in numerous exploratory, scientific research and conservation diving expeditions including founding Blue Ventures Belize and accumulating underwater filming credits with the BBC and National Geographic amongst many others. Jon is also a member of Force Blue where he works with other special forces veterans on coral reef conservation projects.  Keeping the bills paid while pursuing charitable and environmental causes is always a challenge so the ongoing success of 360bubble will allow Jon and the ocean projects he supports to remain afloat!

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To capture remote uninhabited islands within the world's largest Marine Protected Areas on Street View for Google in 2016 Jon was given one of the first consumer 360 cameras by the Google Maps team. After taking his first 360 photo with it he immediately wanted to get it underwater and worked with his wife, Saiorse - a design technologist, to bring the design he had in his head to reality. After successfully using the underwater housing they had made on his next trip Jon sent some underwater 360 photos back with his island Street View panoramas and Google asked if they could buy several more of the housings. 360bubble was born!  

 A photo of the very first prototype on it's first dive back in January 2016 is below. 

Since then 360bubble has been sold to people in well over 50 countries around the world on six continents (why are you holding back Antarctica!? Let's make it seven!). We have been learning what we want from a 360 housing by taking 360bubble on our own dive trips and by listening to the feedback from all of our customers.

With 360bubble® DEEP Jon has taken all that collective knowledge and developed a housing that can withstand the rigours of the most demanding of diving expeditions to capture high quality footage to bring the underwater world to his audience. By supporting 360bubble you will be giving our business the boost that is needed for us to continue supporting amazing environmental work around the world and at the same time helping our Force Blue military veterans by giving them an appreciation and role in protecting the marine environment.

We want to foster a love for the oceans and thereby promote looking after our seas. We look after what we care for. By sharing your experiences of the underwater world and the work you are doing in our waters you will be inspiring us and others to take action to safeguard and improve the health of our marine environment. 360bubble® DEEP provides you a great opportunity to do just that!

Immerse your friends in your underwater experiences!


Our Conservation Projects

By supporting 360bubble DEEP you will be ensuring that our business is a success meaning that we can continue our work with the following charities. However if you wish to support them directly we have more information on the charities and projects that we work with below. Take a look through them and click on any of the charities links. On their websites you will find facilities to contribute to them directly. 

Force Blue




Blue Ventures




Blue Ventures Belize

Pitcairn Plastic Pollution Project

Jon participated in this effort to collect the plastic pollution off the beaches of Henderson Island earlier this year. While there he conducted 23 exploratory dives on the coral reefs around the island. Click here to view a series of underwater 360 videos captured using 360bubble® DEEP of the beautiful marine life within the reserve filmed during the 2019 expedition. Your support will help resource the 2020 return expedition to complete this mission.  



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Please share whatever you see down under! We love seeing the amazing sights that you capture. Together we can spread the word of how amazing our oceans are and how much our waters are worthy of protection. 

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