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360bubble DEEP - 150 Meter (490 ft) Depth Rating - High Optical Quality - Full 360, No Nadir

  • £4,000.00

Underwater Housing for 360 Cameras - Explore and Share the Depths
Get 360bubble® DEEP with a 150 meter (500 ft) depth rating and immerse others in your underwater experiences.
A Street View image captured using 360bubble DEEP and GoPro Fusion and posted to Google Maps. Full 360, no nadir!
Your 360bubble® DEEP includes
-360bubble® DEEP underwater housing (150 meter depth rating)
-Line 2 meters polypropylene weave
-Carabiners x 4 mini
-Adaptor x 2 (GoPro Fusion/Max & Insta360/Ricoh/Kandao Qoocam)
-Spring Clips x 8
-Bungee Cord x 1
-Hard Case with Custom Foam Insert
Please note - as each 360bubble® DEEP is a custom build delivery time from order is 8 weeks to allow for manufacture and shipping
Here at 360bubble® we were lucky to get hands on one of the first consumer 360 cameras back in 2016. As soon as we took the first Street View style photo with it on land we knew we wanted to take the camera diving so we could capture underwater 360 photos and videos. What an immersive way to share the wonders of the sea! But we found that even though some 360 cameras were waterproof they could not capture full 360 pictures underwater because of how the optics changed from air to we put ourselves to work on a solution...
...and created the first 360bubble underwater housing to allow these cameras to work beneath the surface! Since then we have travelled far and wide around the world learning more and more about getting 360 cameras underwater along the way. We have taken 360bubble on fun trips, research expeditions, and working conservation dives and our community have shared some amazing experiences with us that they have captured with 360bubble like this video from Phill Gordon below!
Building on their experience and what we have learned we have designed a new housing to meet our deepest desires and are now ready to launch 360bubble® DEEP. Our easy to use underwater housing for 360 cameras that will go as deep as we want to dive and capture the ocean realm in a full, unobstructed 360 view, so we can explore and share ocean sights in the way that we want. 

360bubble® DEEP

From all our time underwater with 360 cameras over the last 3 years we knew all the key things we wanted our new design to have. And these were the priorities.


Depth Rating - We wanted a housing that could go as deep as we could dive and freedive. No more frustration getting to a point and looking down knowing you wanted to and could explore deeper but your housing rating was just too shallow to go any further. Whether you are a snorkeller, recreational scuba diver, competitive freediver or deep tech diver, 360bubble® DEEP has you covered. 
 Competitive Freediver Denis freediving with sharks off the coast of Tahiti as captured by 360bubble® DEEP
Build Quality - When you are pushing the limits and working hard underwater you want a housing that is reliable and safe. Our housings are built from Transpalite SS Acrylic, a material that exceeds the strict requirements of the ASME PVHO (Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy) which makes this a high quality product to add to your diving/freediving gear that will go to a full tech diving depth of 150 meters underwater. Our manufacturer is BS ISO9000 Quality Certified ensuring our product is built to exacting standards. We have pressure tested 360bubble® DEEP to withstand 60 Bar of pressure so you can dive with confidence to 150 meters (16 Bar of pressure) knowing that you have a large (factor of 4 as described by ASME PVHO) margin of safety.
Putting 360bubble DEEP into the pressure chamber to be dropped down to 60 Bar - the equivalent of 600 meters water depth!
Optical Quality - Camera technology is always advancing really quickly and we wanted our 360bubble® DEEP to be equal to the needs of today's high resolution cameras. Our domes are precision engineered to a high tolerance and hand polished to an optical finish to ensure the best performance with your camera.  
Hand Polished High Quality Optics
Ease of Use - We like to be one of the first people into the water to get after the adventures so 360bubble® DEEP is easy and quick to set up. More time in the water, less time in the boat!
Unobstructed 360 Capture - The tricky part of building underwater housings for 360 cameras is keeping the housing out of the picture. With 360bubble® DEEP we have done it! No more base obstructing the nadir, no more buttons protruding into your picture. Full, unobstructed 360 video. 
Longevity - Our design is suitable for a wide range of consumer 360 camera and since their basic design, two back-to-back fish-eye lenses, remains the same even through hardware upgrades this means that you can upgrade your camera without having to buy another housing. We have built 360bubble® DEEP to last as long as your love for underwater exploration. 
Insta360 ONE X operating in 360bubble® DEEP
Adaptability - We recognised the limits of a single attachment point so included a multitude of attachment points both internal and external. This allows you to fit your camera into the housing the way that you want to with extra points to fit accessories and allows you to mount the housing any way that you want to underwater. The housing is positively buoyant though so you will need to factor this in to your planning. We use roughly 3kg (6lbs) of negative weight to achieve neutral buoyancy with 360bubble® DEEP. We have fitted the housing to remote drop vehicles, carried it beneath us while diving to capture reef Street Views and secured it to the bottom to record the fish swimming by.
Using 360bubble DEEPs multiple attachment options to secure a remote 360 view on this CEFAS drop cam (88.9 meter depth on this drop).
To ensure 360bubble® DEEP performed the way we wanted it to under the most demanding conditions we took it on our most recent expedition to remove plastic pollution from the beaches of one of the most remote, uninhabited islands on the planet. You can read about the expedition by clicking on this link - and view some of the spectacular coral reefs in the 360 video below - captured using 360bubble® DEEP. Henderson Island is within the 830,000 square kilometer Pitcairn Marine Reserve, one of the largest fully protected ocean areas in the world. 

Time to Explore Underwater

We really love the opportunities 360bubble provides to share underwater experiences with the world or even other divers. How many times have you come up from a dive and your buddy has said, 'How about that shark that swam by?!', and you missed it because you were looking at the octopus hiding under the ledge. 360 cameras capture everything, in all directions, on every dive, so you can relive it, catch up on the bits that you missed and share the sights with your friends and family. 
We are really excited about the different ways that this housing can be used and create opportunities to share the oceanic realm. Here are a few of our favourites.

360 VR Video

Whether through a VR headset or via 360 videos on social media like the 360 video posted to Facebook above, 360bubble Deep allows you to share the amazing things you have seen underwater with anyone and bring the depths to life without them having to get their hair wet. We have designed 360bubble Deep so that there are no buttons or housing parts interfering with your cameras 360 view so when people put on their headset they have an unobstructed view and really feel like they are beneath the surface. 
Watch Timmy underwater with sharks off Tahiti on his sofa in the short video below. 

Video Reframes

We love that the camera is looking in all directions throughout the dive and that you can edit this to a normal rectangular video view when you get back. So you can edit your 360 video to focus on the coolest things that you see down under.

360 Photos

If you choose to shoot 360 photos underwater (or do 360 screen grabs from your 4K+ resolution videos which gets you great quality still images) this gives you superb 360 images to use on your website or social media. Click on the link to see how this 360 photo we captured diving on a coral reef looks on our Facebook page.
A shoal of Jack follows a diver in this equirectangular view of the 360 photo we shot off Henderson Island. Click on the image to see how it looks posted in a 360 view on Facebook.

Street Views 

360 photos or screen grabs of 4K+ resolution 360 footage can be posted to Google Street View. Click here to see how this image looks on Google Maps. 

Rectangular Photos

As with the 360 videos, 360 photos can be adapted into normal rectangular images with crazy wide angle views or focused down on the details.
A diver amongst the coral reefs off Henderson Island with a shoal of Jack. Screen grab from 5K 360 footage edited to a wide angle rectangular view.
 Most of the time we just set our camera recording 5K video from just before we enter the water and stop it when we get back out of the water. Then we can choose which parts of the dive we want to use for video and screen grab the stills that we want to use. Everything from the dive is available to us.


Your 360bubble® DEEP includes
  • 360bubble® DEEP underwater housing
  • Line 2 meters polypropylene weave
  • Carabiners x 4 mini 
  • Adaptor x 2 (GoPro Fusion/Max & Insta360/Ricoh)
  • Spring Clips x 8
  • Bungee Cord x 1
Line & Carabiners - for securing your 360bubble® DEEP however you would like. Attached to dive weights holding it on the bottom, under or over you as you dive, clipped onto the frame of your ROV, the choice is yours. 
Adaptors - we include a GoPro style adaptor and a standard adaptor with normal 1/4-20 UNC camera mounting thread. The GoPro adaptor fits Fusion and Max to 360bubble® DEEP while the standard adaptor does the trick for Insta360 One X and Ricoh Theta V/Z1 cameras. It is possible to fit other brands of camera to the housing. Just check in with us and we will let you know whether the camera you want to use will fit.  
Spring Clips/Bungee Cord - these close the housing securely for that watertight seal before entering the water. 
Ideas - we love the innovative ways that people have used 360bubble. Some ideas that we had never thought of! So if you can think of something that you would like to attach, an accessory or piece of equipment, that we have not thought of then let us know. We have included a series of attachment points around the outside and inside of the housing for your ingenuity to fill. If you need our help just get in touch (we have a 3D printer to hand for rapid prototyping!).

Carry Case 

*360 camera not included with your reward
Our hard case will protect your 360bubble® DEEP underwater housing wherever you go. The case is watertight, certified IP67, and meet STANAG 4280 and DEF STAN 81-41 standards as well as being NATO (NSN) coded. They are exceptionally resistant to impacts, dust and atmospheric agents - perfect for keeping your 360bubble® DEEP secure in the most demanding circumstances. Check in or carry on, your 360bubble® DEEP will travel safe...and there is space to include your 360 camera and charging cables in the case too. All nested in custom cut foam. 
  • Dimensions 414mm (L) x 345 (W) x 174 mm (H)
  • Weight 2.4 kg (5lbs) without 360bubble® DEEP housing
  • Weight 4kg (9lbs) with 360bubble® DEEP housing
  • Custom Foam Insert x 1 to fit 360bubble® DEEP + accessories + 360 camera 

Not Included with your 360bubble® DEEP...

360 Camera - We provide the housing - not the camera, smartphone or remote - but you can choose from a wide range of camera brands that will fit 360bubble® DEEP so select to suit your preference. All of the leading 360 cameras come with their manufacturers apps, stitching and editing software. If you are wondering if your choice of camera will fit in 360bubble® DEEP just ask us. 
Dive Weights - We do not ship with dive weights (for obvious reasons!) but any generic dive weights can be fitted to 360bubble® DEEP using the line and carabiners provided. You will need about 3 kg (6 lbs) to achieve slightly negative buoyancy.


Please note - 360 camera not included with your purchase of a 360bubble® DEEP underwater housing
 360bubble® DEEP is quick to assemble and easy to use. The camera is attached to an adaptor which fits onto the internal accessory mounts. Clips snap the housing together and thereafter the line and mini-carabiners can be used to secure the housing to the external accessory mounts while you are underwater. We operate the camera in the housing using a smartphone app or wireless camera remote.
A 360 video of a coral reef captured using 360bubble DEEP and GoPro Fusion and posted to Vimeo. Full 360, no nadir!
A reframe edit of a 360 video of a coral reef captured using 360bubble DEEP and GoPro Fusion and posted to Vimeo. Full 360, no nadir!
360bubble® DEEP UK patent application no. GB1908016.7

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