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360bubble (2 week delivery) - underwater housing for 360 cameras - 10M

  • £200.00

360bubble for 360 Cameras - 10 Meters

  • acrylic globe housing affords uninhibited 360 field of view for great underwater 360 photospheres and 360 videos
  • globe design maintains equidistance from the cameras twin fish eye lenses to the housing thereby avoiding refraction issues at the air/housing/water interface
  • suitable for GoPro Max, Ricoh Theta S/V, Samsung Gear 360/Gear 360 2017, Garmin Virb, Insta360 ONE, Nikon Keymission 360 and many other consumer 360 cameras (please see drop down menu above). 
  • rated for use to a depth of 10 meters
Always wanted to capture 360 underwater action with your 360 camera? 360bubble gets you down to a depth of 10 meters to capture the world below the surface. Put your favourite sub-aquascapes into Virtual Reality - be the first to own a 360bubble underwater housing in your area. 
360bubble underwater housing for Ricoh Theta S
You and your friends want to get some photospheres pulling crazy faces underwater in your swimming pool. 360bubble will get the all-round group photos that you want.
little planet adapted from a photosphere captured using 360bubble underwater housing for Ricoh Theta S camera
Have a favourite dive spot that you want to showcase to the world? A dive site for your dive shop that you want to put on Google Maps to link to your dive site? 360bubble is the set up you are after producing underwater photospheres that can be posted to Google Earth and Google Maps and Facebook.
Want to get your freediving adventures onto Youtube for the world to experience your breath hold exploits in Virtual Reality? 360bubble will allow you to film your freedives in 360 to post on Youtube or Facebook
Share the underwater world in 360 with the 360bubble for Ricoh Theta S. 
360bubble for Ricoh Theta - a product by Jon Slayer
Pack includes:
360bubble acrylic globe
360bubble base with dual silicone o-rings 
360bubble camera adaptor (please select camera from drop down menu above)
360bubble weight belt to achieve neutral buoyancy (lead weights not included)
4 x mini-carabiners to fix weight belt to base
360bubble carry bag

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